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Why I Love Key!
I have attended Key for 15 years. Here are my favorite 8 components of the Key experience:

1. It's a safe place. To give an idea of the trust in the community, I’m comfortable leaving my laptop, keys, and iPhone in the library for half the day because I know they’ll be right where I left them.

2. At Key, experiences hold more value than accomplishments. This is taught by not implementing letter grades until freshman year. It shows students that the joy in learning should come from learning for learning’s sake, not for a good grade.

3. Students are constantly pushed to take academic risks because there is no such thing as failure; there are only lessons to be learned with every attempt for success. There is no shame in asking for guidance as asking questions proves that a student is open to growing, learning, and improving.

4. I have received unconditional support; I know nobody doubts my abilities or my capacity to learn and that I'll always be accepted for me. This support fosters a safe environment where collaboration is more important than individual success and there are no negative consequences for taking chances.

5. The teachers are incredible; they want an intimate and personal connection with each of their students and they welcome challenges and discussions. As you move through the high school, the traditional student/teacher relationship is replaced by one far closer to that of peers. Every teacher I’ve had has ensured that I've felt validated in my opinions and questions.

6. In all of my classes I've been asked deep, complex questions, and I've been expected to take my thoughts and synthesize them into clear, concise responses. I've learned that sharing ideas helps me broaden my perspective and rethink my initial conclusions. In addition, Key has fostered my appreciation for critical writing and analytical thinking.

7. I've been given countless opportunities to follow my passions. My Literature Independent Study, for example, or optional backpacking trips, have allowed me to invest myself in my love for the outdoors. I’ve had the chance to take classes like Anthropology and Ceramics, paths I might not have taken at another school. I have never been discouraged from delving deeper into what interests me.

8. Most importantly, Key has taught me to have confidence in myself and feel comfortable in my own skin.

Proud to be an Obezag family
Choosing any independent school is an investment of not just money, but of your entire family. I'm so glad I switched to the Key School - my child has always been intelligent. However, rather than the usual regurgitation of information, it is the WHY that is important - the HOW it works.

Students here have a voice that is heard, and they all have a passion and desire to learn. Key School students are articulate and engaged.

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