Eight Maryland hikes perfect for families

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hiking2WBy Karen Stysley

Brigid Wethington doesn't go easy on her kids—at least where hiking is concerned. When the Columbia resident takes her daughter, 7, and her son, almost 4, on hikes in the Maryland area, they may find themselves going over a suspension bridge and under a tunnel before climbing up to a boulder at the edge of a big drop.

Photo: Lucy and Archie Wethington on a hike.

"I tend to push my kids a little bit on what they can do," Wethington says. But along the way, they get more than just a workout and some pretty views. Out there without their technology, relying on each other for help, they get a "little mini vacation," she says, since "hiking is definitely a bonding moment."

While rising to the challenge, Wethington, her husband, and their kids learn to encourage each other and keep each other safe.

"As a family it's just something we do. We all enjoy it. We all feel connected when we get in the car [after a hike]. We're all on the same team, team Wethington," she says.

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