Holiday Fun, Day 32—Read the kids a holiday favorite

Nothing beats cuddling up in bed or by the fire to read a favorite holiday book with the kids, especially on Christmas Eve. It's a great way to keep the magic going while relaxing before the big day.

There are many wonderful Christmas and winter themed books out there. Here are a few books to consider from Chesapeake Family's staff—from classics to books just released.

Staff favorites

“The Polar Express” by Chris Van Allsburg
This is a favorite of both Melissa Tarawali, from sales, and publisher, Donna Jefferson.
“It really touches on the magic of Christmas, and as long as you always believe in the magic of Christmas, you will always hear the sound of Santa’s Bell,” Melissa says.

“Twas the Night before Christmas” by Clement C. Moore
“I'm a traditionalist,” says Heather Grant, web director. “We always took turns reading [it] when I was a kid. We have a 100 year old paperback copy that my mom handed down to me.”

“The Story of Christmas” by Patricia Pingry
“It explains the story of Jesus's birth very simply and ends with something I always said as a kid myself — Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!” explains Claire Kovacs, office manager.

“The Snowman” by Raymond Briggs
“When my son was very young, The Snowman was a favorite book we often 'read' during the Christmas season,” says Crickett Gibbons, content director. “It touches on the magic of childhood, excitement of a first snow, and dreams of flying off to lands unknown.”

“Mary's First Christmas” by Walter Wangerin Jr.
“My kids loved this book because it brings Jesus down to their level,” says Betsy Stein, editor. “In the story, Mary is telling 5-year-old Jesus the amazing events of his birth after he's been bullied and hurt by some 'neighborhood' kids.”

New(er) favorites

“The Reindeer Wish” by Lori Evert, photography by Per Breiehagen
This is the third tale in the series by a husband and wife team featuring their daughter, Anja, and the magical Nordic world the family has created. In this story, Anja wishes for a puppy but soon finds a friend she could only have dreamed of—a baby reindeer. The story is about their friendship and the adventures they share. The photography is breathtaking.

“How to Catch Santa” by Jean Reagan
The holiday “how to” book is filled with funny and clever ideas for how to catch Santa from luring him with cookies to covering him in glitter.

“The Thing About Yetis” by Vin Vogel
Everyone knows yetis love winter but sometimes they get cold too. This book is a simple and funny story about what yetis do when it get's too cold outside.

“The Only Child” by Guojing
Inspired by the author's experience of being an only child due to China's birth control policy, the illustrated story is about a lonely little girl who follows a mysterious stag deep into the woods and the strange and wondrous world she ends up in.

Reading christmas books



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