7 Maryland hikes with amazing views

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Amazing views can be just the enticement needed to get the whole family enthusiastic about a hike in the woods. Luckily, Maryland offers plenty of hikes with breathtaking views of either the Appalachian mountains or the Chesapeake Bay.

The hike up to the overlook cliff of Maryland Heights outside of Harper's Ferry is tough, but it's a favorite for families and kids, says Ranger David Fox.

"There's some huffing and puffing involved, but the view is the reward," he says of the 700-foot ascent. "People tend to forget how tired or hot they might be when they stop to take it all in."

The historic town of Harper's Ferry and the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers can be seen far below and the Blue Ridge Mountains spread out in the distance. Kids can perch on the rocks of the large outcropping and look down on even the birds flying below.

Hikes view shouldersWTo help foster kids' interest in hiking, Angela Pease, interpretive ranger with Maryland State Parks, recommends taking your time as you hike, allowing kids to go at their own pace as they explore their surroundings.

"Take time to walk and experience things," she says. "Stop and do a sniff test. Allow kids to see, touch (non-poisonous things), and smell. Promote the experience of using all their senses."

If you are looking to take the kids on a hike with a view, we have found a few options that will peak their interest. Those listed include a variety of terrain from laid back, stroller-friendly jaunts, to more strenuous mountaintop adventures. Keep in mind that some of the trails are popular, and the state parks may close once they reach capacity.

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